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If you’re like most people, you don’t really ask that much from your investments:  You want a solid return on your money, and you’re not interested in "betting the farm" to get it.  However, most people have limited investment choices:  They can invest in a money-market fund, a CD or a mutual fund and get returns that often don’t keep up with inflation or are subject to the hidden administrative and management fees of fund managers drawing down gains. You can invest in the stock market, but you are often at the whims of the market and have limited collateral to back your paper money.  Remember Enron and the most recent investment banks?

There Is A Better Way!

What is that better way? It is investing in real estate via Turn-key properties that provide immediate equity gains and positive monthly cash flow; or be a private mortgage holder (also called a "Private Money Lender") secured by real estate that has a large equity spread between the amount of the loan and the value of the property. We are not talking speculation here.  That is for gamblers!  We are talking about gaining a solid and consistent above average return on your money and having it secured by a tangible real estate asset that you can see and touch. Oh, and by the way, these type of investments are allowed in an IRA, although probably not the IRA you currently have with a brokerage firm. We can show you how to accomplish this legally.  


At we have a dedicated team of specialists with years of experience committed to finding and developing these types of opportunities.  With thirty transactions completed in the last 24 months, we have a proven proprietary system approach to what makes a good real estate investment and what’s not worth getting involved in.  Our team of specialists includes customer care representatives, mortgage brokers, contractors, real estate agents, insurance agents, title companies and property managers that are ready to meet your needs. We take care of the details so you have a hassle free profitable investment.  We literally take the fear out of real estate investing for you.

The investment properties we offer are completely turn-key, meaning a no stress real estate investment for you.  The properties are already rehabbed, have paying residents (that have passed our stringent screening criteria) who have signed at least a 1 year lease agreement and have appropriate property management in place.  We make real estate investing simple, easy and secure!

Why Real Estate?

Successful investors routinely have a portion of their investment portfolio in investment real estate to provide consistent solid returns and to reduce the volatility of other investments. Real estate investing provides numerous advantages such as:

  • Leverage - The ability to control and grow an asset exponentially with only a portion of the money up front.                           
  • Appreciation - The increase in value of a property over time via market appreciation, forced appreciation through higher and better use or rehabilitation.
  • Depreciation - Tax advantage write offs on long term held properties.
  • Capital Gains - Long term capital gain rates significantly lower than ordinary income rates.
  • Cash Flow - The consistent monthly income provided to you after expenses.
  • Security - Your investment capital being secured by an asset that will never be zero.
  • Peace of Mind - Knowing where your money is invested rather than leaving it to a mass produced fund managed by someone you don’t know.

 Learn More About What You Have Been Missing!

This website is full of information on real estate investments that can earn you a solid return, With Security. 

Learn about who we are and what opportunities we offer as well as what OUR CLIENTS are saying about us.  Remember, we are not real estate agents who simply list homes that people want to buy and sell.  We are professional real estate investors that are in the market finding houses that are UNDER MARKET VALUE.  We sell some properties to other investors with built in equity, we rehab and retail properties to the retail market, and we buy discounted properties and hold for long term appreciation while cash flowing on a monthly basis.  Regardless of your area of interest, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop an approach that fits your goals.

We literally find more good real estate opportunities than even we can invest in at any one time.  That is why we work with a network of individuals like yourself who want to invest in real estate and help them achieve the goals they want.  We work with each client personally to ensure they meet our qualifications and that we have a thorough understanding of what they want to achieve.

Our commitment to you is that we will listen carefully to what your goals and ambitions are and develop an approach that fits your desires; then help you achieve those goals.

We invite you to see what you’ve been missing.  Browse this site and see for yourself how real estate investing can help you reach your goals.
Click here to contact us now for a FREE, confidential, no obligation consultation on what investment opportunities we currently have that would fit your investment goals.


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